Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carnival Party

It's official Alyssa is now 7 years old and Kaylin is 5 years old!!

To celebrate, they had an awesome carnival themed party!! The party was originally planned to be a outdoor affair but do the rain the party was moved into the garage.

There were several game stations setup around the garage and each child was given a bag with their name on it to collect their tickets.

A home-made ball toss game was made by using velcro circles attached to foam core and some fabric balls.

A home-made beanbag toss was made by cutting three circles in a large plywood board. The board was painted white and the fairies from Sleeping Beauty were painted next to each hole.

There was also a home-made coin toss. The game was made by covering some boxes and coffee cans with paper and then adhering plastic plates to the top of the coffee cans. The kids were given poker chips to toss and the object was to land the chips on top of the plates. 

A prize station was one of the highlights of the party. There was tons of candy, stickers and toys sorted into bins. The kids exchanged their tickets for goodies and filled up their bags. 

Keeping with the theme buckets of popcorn were set out for snacking and for lunch they grilled up some hot dogs.

This party had one of the coolest cakes I have ever seen!!! It was made by Whimsy Cakes. I overheard one of the kids asking if it was made by Cake Boss. Too funny!!!

All the kids LOVED this party!! Even the parents that hung around had a blast!

My complements to the hostess!!

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