Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Black & White Halloween Wreath

This Fall I'm on a mission to craft on a budget!! So far, I have only spent $15 which includes 3 pumpkins. I only spent $2.00 to make this wreath!

I purchased the wreath form at the dollar store along with the ribbon. I made use of  newspaper, paint, paintbrush and glue that I had at home. I also used a scalloped circle punch to cut the newspaper but any shape can be used. 

My first step was to paint the wreath black before adhering any newspaper. Honestly, I would skip this step because I went back over it and filled in any spots that were showing through. Next, I went through and punched circles from 3 days worth of newspapers. I was so surprised and how much of the paper is in color these days so that is why it took so many newspapers. 

To adhere the newspaper, I wrapped each circle around the end of a pencil and dipped it in Elmer's glue and held it to the form for about 10 seconds. After covering almost half the wreath I started feeling like it was getting a little tedious. From start to finish it took me about 1 hour total. After covering the entire wreath, I flipped it over and let it sit for an hour before attaching letters that I cut out with the Cricut. 

I was really happy with how the wreath turned out! For $2.00, you can't beat it. This wreath can be dressed up with any Halloween embellishments. I think it would also look cute with some glittery bats, spiders or a witch's hat. 

Happy Halloween!!

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Diane B. said...

I really like that you used newspapers intead of black paper, it lends more texture to the piece. Great ideas (as usual)!