Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monogrammed Wall Art

I made these monogrammed canvas's as a birthday gift for Chase to hang on his bedroom wall. He had just turned 3, so I really wasn't sure if I would appreciate or even like the gift. Boy, was I wrong!! He was so excited! He was ready to go and hang them up right then and there!

I really enjoyed working on this project. It was pretty easy but did take a couple of days to complete.

Tools Needed:
Staple gun
Paint brush
Mod Podge

I started by ironing the fabric and laying it face down. Then I laid the canvas on top of the fabric and cut around it leaving about 1.5 inches of overhang on all sides of the canvas. To secure the fabric, I used a staple gun and stapled the fabric to the back of the frame making sure to keep it pulled tightly.

I bought white wooden letters from Michael's and then I painted them using acrylic paints. As a warning the red paint took about 8 coats!! I let the letters dry over night before starting to embellish them.

I used a Cricut to cut out the circles and stars and I also cut coordinating strips of paper to make the "plaid" embellishment. I used regular craft glue to adhere the cardstock to the wood. After letting the letters dry for a couple of hours, I sealed everything in using Mod Podge and let them dry overnight.

To adhere the wooden letters to the fabric covered canvas, I used industrial strength adhesive that I purchased from the hardware store. The package listed wood and fabric and a 900 lb weight limit. It felt like the letters were pretty sturdy after letting them dry over night. My project was finally complete!!

The stars were a big hit with Chase, who likes to reffer to himself as Super Chase!

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Diane B. said...

This project is adorable!