Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting trashed at a 3 year old's birthday party!?!

Garbage truck center pieces

I do not have any children yet, however, I'm blessed to have a awesome group of friends that for the most part all have children. I get invited and asked to help with a lot of birthday parties. And I LOVE it! I consider it great practice so when I finally start throwing my own parties, I'm going to be a pro. I thought it would be fun to start sharing these great ideas from my friends with you!

One of my dear friends has a son that loves GARBAGE! He is obsessed with it. I actually think one of his first words was garbage. For his 3rd birthday, she decided to indulge his obsession and throw him a garbage themed birthday party. I can only imagine the things she saw when she searched garbage truck and trash themed parties on Google. 

I think she did a awesome job carrying the garbage theme from the invitations all the way down to the kids drinking cups.

 The invitations read "We've tried other angles. He wouldn't hear of it. We've waited it out. He became more devoted! So we sighed and go busy. We knew we were stuck throwing a party around yep... a garbage truck!" Totally fitting and too cute!
She ordered matching stickers for everyone to wear that said "I got TRASHED at Brennan's 3rd Birthday!" They were a big hit with everyone!
She had the baker match the truck drawn on the invitations. 
She found small plastic trash cans online that she filled with gummy worms for favors. She also found disgusting little garbage can drinking cups that the kids drank out of at the party and were able to take home with them.

I got a idea to make a birthday banner using trash. I cut out 5 1/2 in. triangles using my Cricut. Than I covered each one with newspaper, tinfoil, notebook paper and brown craft paper that I had crumpled. 

Than I cut out letters and numbers to spell out "Brennan Turns 3". I also cut out two stars to divide the words. I but a bottle cap and button on each star to make it look like we dug the supplies out of the trash. I tied each triangle together with different colored drinking straws I had cut up, paper clips and twine. 

I think it is safe to say that Brennan had a awesome birthday. The look on his face says it all!


Nicole Thomas said...

That's great! I love kids birthday parties...there are so many fun themes you can do.

How funny that he likes garbage. When Rusty was a kid he wanted to be a garbage man when he grew up. He thought it was cool that they got to ride standing on the back of the truck!

I didn't know you had a blog Theresa. Love it!

Anonymous said...

where did you order the I got trashed stickers from?

LaQuisha Lindsay said...

Where did you find the garbage can drink cups?