Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Valentines Day craft...

Are you looking for a simple Valentines Day gift to hand out at the office or to make with your kids? If so, I think this is the perfect craft you.

I have to admit that I actually "scrap-lifted" this from the Martha Stewart website. But don't be nervous, it is easy and you don't need any special tools. 

Tools Needed:
Square patterned or solid card stock
Hole punch
Adhesive - double-sided tape or glue dots
Scrap piece card stock at least 5 x 5 in.
You can use any size square. I chose to use a 6 x 6 in. square but you can make yours larger or smaller. First, fold the card stock diagonally in both directions. Then fold it vertically and horizontally. When you unfold the paper you should see 8 triangles.
Draw two opposite corners of the square inward, tucking in the other two corners. See example.
Next, you need to make a heart template. For a 6 x 6 in. square I made a 3 1/2 in. heart. To make the template either use a heart shaped punch or you can print a heart on card stock than cut it out.

Hold the heart on top of the paper with the point of the heart lining up with the closed end of the paper. Cut around the top of the heart. If you are working with children you might want to use a paperclip along the bottom to keep the heart in place.  
Hold the two inside half hearts together like in the example. 
Punch a hole in the center. Secure the heart by adding double sided tape down the front and back seam. Run a ribbon through the hole and tie a bow at the end. The final step is to hang your heart and fill it with your favorite candy. 

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