Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm officially blogging....

I've been sharing recipes and photos on Facebook for a while and someone suggested that I start a blog. I've been kicking the idea around for a while but wasn't sure where to start. So, after thinking up a title and finding a cool background here I am.

I plan to post recipes and craft projects. Also, I just purchased a Canon Rebel T2i so I'm learning how to use it so I plan to post photos and things I learn about my camera along the way.

I hope you enjoy my posts and please feel free to share any of your tips or tricks.



Andrea said...

Okay, soooo jealous about your new camera. I need one so badly.
I love your brick background, and the pic is great - shoes are awesome! I am very excited about your new blog!

Amberla27 said...

You are absolutely amazing!!! I am so excited to follow your blog:))). Not sure what the Blogging etiquette is, but I would like to make a request. Can you please post some creative Valentine Day stuff for those of us who are creatively challanged??? Thanks in advance. Love you girlie!!!

Theresa Carlile said...

Thanks Andrea!! You make it look easier than it is I'm sure.

Amber - great idea!! I'll put something up later today and a few more things over the next couple weeks. Thanks for the suggestion. I love it!!