Thursday, March 3, 2011

Value Conscious Vase Filler

I needed something new to fill the vase in my bathroom but didn't want to spend a fortune. I had the idea to fill it will coordinating yarn balls. The result was cute and very affordable!
Tools Needed:
  • styrofoam balls - $5.46
  • assorted yarn - $3.46 each
  • corsage pins

Secure end of yarn with a corsage pin and begin wrapping the ball with yarn. 
Continue to wrap the ball until the white foam is no longer visible. Secure the end with another corsage pin. 

Wrap as many balls as you need to fill your vase and display. It's that easy! 


Roberta said...

So clever to use a styrofoam ball as a starter!

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Just the idea that I needed. Thank you!