Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photography Workshop

I love taking photos!! Last month, I upgraded my camera to a Canon Rebel T2i, my first dSLR camera. I'm ashamed to say that I've only used it on auto. Today, I attended a fabulous workshop given by Cori Derksen and now my camera's on manual from now on!

Cori puts on a wonderful workshop. We started the morning talking about all kinds of camera settings and equipment. Cori has put together a awesome camera workbook that you get when you take her workshop or you can purchase it online. 

Some of the bullet points we hit on were:
  • ISO - ISO settings range from 100-1600. The type of light you are shooting in will determine your ISO setting. ISO 100 would be for a bright day. ISO 800 would be for shooting in darker conditions. The higher the ISO the more light your camera will let in. Set you ISO first then change the shutter speed and aperture during your shoot.   
  • Shutter Speed - Shutter speed is the speed at which your camera shutter opens. A slower shutter speed lets in more light because it is open longer. However, with a slower shutter speed you may get a blurred image because it will capture more movement. 
  • Aperture - The aperture is the opening of your lens that lets in light. This setting will determine the sharpness or blurriness of the background. A tip that Cori gave us was little number=little focus and big number=big focus. And also, try using the number of people that you have, use a setting of 4 for 4 people and 2 for 2 people, etc. 
The workshop was very hands-on. Cori set up a indoor and outdoor shoot with live models. We were able to put our newly learned skills to use. Not all my pictures were amazing but I did learn a lot and I ended up with a handful of really nice photos. 
    Below is a picture I took last month on auto and some photos that I took today at the class. I'm sure you can tell the difference. It is fun to be able to play with the light. I can't wait to practice
    I took this picture of beautiful Abby with my camera on auto
    Aperture 1/60m, Shutter speed 1.8 and ISO 100
    Aperture 1/250, Shutter speed 2.8 and ISO 100
    Aperture 1/400, Shutter speed 2.8 and ISO 100

    Aperture 1/400, Shutter speed 1.8 and ISO 100


    Troy said...

    Great pics Theresa! I should really take the class so I can learn how to use our new cannon. I have a cute little 9 month old over here that you can practice on anytime:)

    Troy said...

    I guess I was signed in under Troy, but it was really Shelly posting that comment:)

    Theresa Carlile said...

    I'd love to get some pics of both your boys!! It's a date!

    Carol Carlile said...

    Thanks for the awesome tips Theresa. I have dabbled in photography a little bit and have a Canon Rebel xti 400D. I keep saying I'm going to attend a workshop, but never do :) Your blog has inspired me.